This paper, along with any other Coders Triangle Token (CTT) documents, is not a prospectus and is not an investment solicitation. CTT does not represent ownership of any governmental or private corporation or any other organization in any jurisdiction. CTT purchases made through the ICO are non-refundable. CTT coins are only to be used in conjunction with CTT in accordance with these Terms and the Community Code and do not confer any new rights on any stakeholder. Any purchase and usage of CTT, including the use of experimental software, entails a major financial risk.

1.1These Terms & Conditions (the "Terms") apply to I the usage of, Coders Triangle only official and approved ICO website, (ii) the selling of Coders Triangle Token ("CTT") through its Initial Coin Offering ("ICO"), and (iii) the holding and use of CTT.

1.2. These Terms are a contract between CTT Ecosystem Limited, a private company limited by guarantee incorporated. Coders Triangle Token Ecosystem Limited is neither a bank nor a financial institution, and it does not offer investment services, such as investment counseling, or any other licensed financial services.

1.3. CTT Services provides technical solutions to build and operate CTT, a community-based ecosystem aimed at encouraging innovation and cooperation with funds obtained through an initial coin offering (ICO) and funds earned from the operation of sponsored projects. The technological and organizational structures of CTT are now in development, and their implementation will be sponsored using funds raised through CTT's initial coin offering (ICO).

1.4. If there are legal constraints in their country of residence, participants will be unable to participate in the ICO. It is each participant's responsibility to be aware of these laws in relation to their involvement in the ICO.

2. Coders Triangle Token Ecosystem

2.1. Once CTT is judged adequate, it is developed on an open-source blockchain, the multi-chain platform. The white papers available on the Token website provide a rough outline of the CTT functionality. The contents of the white papers are not contractual and are subject to change as research and development progress.

2.2. Coders Triangle Token is the "access token" for Coders Triangle. This means that CTT will be the Coders Triangle ecosystem's native cryptocurrency, which will be used by the community. The funds raised through the ICO will be utilized to create a community platform and make the CTT more accessible.

CTT's capabilities and worth are entirely reliant on market and CTT advancements. 2.3. A CTT stakeholder (or simply "stakeholder") is any entity that owns CTT in any amount. Those who participated in the initial ICO round and donated at least a minimum effective amount (determined after Seedsale bonuses) will be asked to join the community. The CTT Community Portal is available to members of the community.

2.4. To keep their community member status, the community member must maintain that balance.

2.5. Except as expressly specified in these Terms, CTT Services offers you access to the website and Community Portal as they may exist and be available on any given day, and CTT has no other obligations.

2.6. CTT Services reserves the right to partially or completely change, replace, restrict access to, suspend, or discontinue the website and the Community Portal.

2.7. CTT Services is building its operational and legal structure to enable for community-based interaction, cooperation, and innovation. As a result, any representations made in the press, in presentations, or in any of CTT's marketing materials leading up to and including the ICO may not fully reflect the final CTT structure.

3. Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

3.1. Any coin accepted by TrustWallet or MetaMask with a minimum effective equivalent of $500 can be used to participate in the ICO.

3.2. There will be 100,000,000 non-mineable CTT in total. Three rounds of ICO will be held to distribute all of the CTT that have been allotted. Three percent, two percent, and seven percent CTT will be issued in each ICO round. The remaining CTT from this sum will be set aside for the tokenomics-assigned strategy.

Invite your friends and family and receive free tokens

Each member have a unique CTT referral link to share with friends and family and receive a bonus - 3% of the value of their contribution. If any one sign-up with this link, will be added to your referral program. The referral link may be used during a token sales running.

Verification and Reward claiming

All rewards given on the CTT ICO platform will be claimed ONLY by users who have verified their account with (KYC application), which include full name and National or International identification.
To avoid delays when verifying account, Please make sure bellow:

  • Chosen credential must not be expaired.
  • Document should be good condition and clearly visible.
  • Make sure that there is no light glare on the card.

  • Multiple accounts on the ICO platform will be ban.
  • All account with falsified KYC information will also be ban.
4. Risk

4.1. Participation in the CTT ICO, as well as any purchase of Coders Triangle, entails significant risk. Consider the pros and drawbacks before deciding to participate.
Consult a lawyer, accountant, and/or tax professional if necessary, based on the illustrative and non-exhaustive list of dangers provided below.

4.2. It is possible that even if the ICO threshold is fulfilled, CTT would be unable to develop due to a lack of funding, potentially preventing stakeholders from participating in any projects. By owning the Coders Triangle Token, the shareholder recognizes that, while every attempt will be made to carry out CTT's objective, it is possible that it will never be achieved for the reasons stated above.

4.3. Cryptocurrencies and the use of cryptocurrencies to finance projects have been scrutinized by numerous regulatory agencies throughout the world. CTT's operations may need to modify to comply with applicable regulations, and it may be subject to licensing requirements. CTT could be hampered or limited in its ability to develop CTT and its activities as a result of one or more regulatory actions or regulatory enforcement. The hazards associated with the acquisition and usage of CTT are considerably increased by this ambiguity. CTT Services will make every effort to adapt its procedures to meet regulatory requirements as they arise.